Find digital nomad friendly locations to start your remote-based life. Not all places in the world are ideal for working and traveling, so choosing cities and an appropriate travel style are important first steps. Today, I will tell you not only how to travel and work around the world but also how to succeed at it long-term while expanding your business in the process. My favorite travel insurer is SafetyWing, which is specialized in affordable travel insurance for nomads.

  • We’re here to debunk myths about remote work productivity and why returning to the office might not be as beneficial as you think.
  • You are not technically supposed to “work” on a tourist visa.
  • Slow travel ensures you have the energy to be a productive remote worker.
  • If you believe you have enough site and readers to truly provide value to their brand, then you could email the company and see if they want an Ambassador relationship.
  • MVP Match can help you become an independent, successful freelance worker who travels the globe.

Joining a remote work blog is for anyone who chooses a consistent work environment that’s more set up for productivity than a cafe or restaurant. In fact, brushing up on the best practices of keeping in touch virtually can bring new life to many relationships in your life, whether professional or personal or a combination of both. Brush up on all those travel FAQs with our guides to travel advice.

What is a digital nomad job?

Using these popular hashtags can help you get a repost on popular pages. They then give you a shout-out and help you bring in a boost of followers that is hard to get without big-page shout-outs. If you have an existing job you love, then it’s time to have a conversation with your boss about what remote-based work will look like.

Is it illegal to work remotely from Europe?

Non-US citizens can work remotely for a US company from their home country or anywhere in the world as long as they have consent from their employer, follow local laws regarding visas, and file taxes with their country of tax residence.

I wrote about my experiences using KeepYourHomeIP here, which provides you with two small routers and a remote support session to set up a private VPN. When you use this setup, it will 100% look like you are logging in from your home location. Constantly moving location, as you might on a normal trip, can be a real productivity killer — and it will drain your energy, causing both your work and travel to suffer.

Virtual Assistant

With lockdowns and social distancing, employees of many businesses began to work remotely. Home offices, kitchens, and spare bedrooms became the new office space for many people. What we thought would be a temporary adjustment has now become a more permanent aspect of many people’s lives.

Hike the South Kaibab and Bright Angel Trails, visit the South Rim viewpoints, or soar over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter. If you are looking for a warm spot to work remotely, like the idea of exploring the American Southwest, or love hiking, Sedona is a great place to consider. If I was going to choose a place to work remotely for an extended period of time, Sedona would be one of my top picks. If you like hiking and desert landscapes, don’t miss the Valley of Fire State Park and Red Rock Canyon.

STEP 1: How Digital Nomads Make Money

Loved reading this and it inspires me to keep looking for a way to achieve that lifestyle someday. So be sure to use your opportunities to their fullest and get ready to take your work life and your travels to the next level. You can stay far longer in known tourist hotspots than a typical vacation and try a mini-life there. Or you can take chances on destinations you might not have otherwise considered.


Work should come first, and committing to not overworking is equally important. Unless you’re working on a deadline, limit your workday to a personal time limit that causes you to be the most productive. If you function well with background noise like I do, use the energy of those around you to keep yourself motivated. Remove the little distractions that get in your way of having a productive day in your remote office. If my phone is next to me, I’ll start checking all my apps and it takes away significantly from my work.

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